38 mm Round Button Badges

From 0,18 € per unit

38 millimeters ≈ 1.5 inches.

Medium size customizable round button badges feature full color printing and a durable steel at back side. With 38 millimetres of diameter, they are enough big to exhibit an insignia, logotype, text or emblem from medium & short distance. Easy to wear, hand out or sell. Ideal for marketing, organizations, businesses, bands and events.

Medium Round Button Badges

It is a good idea to buy 38 millimeters (≈ 1.5 inches) round buttons to promote your message.

With this size, the design of your buttons can be seen perfectly from medium & short distance.

Your buttons will have two sides: the front printed side and the back side.

On the front printed side, we will print your design on a special 125 grams density paper. We will apply a transparent vinyl to protect and cover the paper. So your button badges will be more durable. For the back side you can choose a pin, a magnetic closure, a clip, or a magnet.

Graphic Design for free

There are 3 typical situations when ordering custom button badges:

1.- You already have a finished design that you want to print.

If you have an image, photograph or finished design ready to print on your badges, upload it in the form above. Do not worry if your image is not adapted to the size of the buttons: our graphic designers will adapt it to the size of the button badges for free.

2.- You do not have a finished design and you need to make a simple design from scratch or from an image.

If you do not have a finished design, do not worry: send us your instructions and / or an image in the form above. Indicate how you want the design of your badges to be, and we will make it at no cost to you, if the requested design is simple with straightforward texts, icons or linear figures.

For example, you send us a photograph with the following instructions: I need my badges to include the attached image and a text that says “Happy Birthday”.

3.- You do not have a finished design and you need a complex design.

In this case, if the design you need is really complex, or you need a new logo, or a very elaborate illustration, we may ask you for an additional fee of 25 euros per design.

In any case, you will receive a proof/mockup via email so you will able to see how the design looks before we start manufacturing them. You will able to give the approval to the proof & go-ahead with production, or request us to modify the design until to be satisfied.

Legal Notice: Button.Market assumes that the files you send us (images, texts, logos, designs) are under your property, or you have permission to use them, or they are of public use. We disclaim any responsibility for the misuse of sent files that are protected by industrial, intellectual or other property rights.

We design your button badges for free

Prices per Unit & Quantity Discounts

Quantity Per Unit
1-50 0,74 €
51-100 0,39 €
101-300 0,29 €
301-500 0,22 €
500-1000 0,19 €
+1000 0,18 €
Quantity Per Unit
1-50 0,99 €
51-100 0,66 €
101-300 0,61 €
301-500 0,55 €
500-1000 0,53 €
+1000 0,51 €
Quantity Per Unit
1-50 0,74 €
51-100 0,39 €
101-300 0,29 €
301-500 0,22 €
500-1000 0,19 €
+1000 0,18 €
Quantity Per Unit
1-50 0,92 €
51-100 0,47 €
101-300 0,37 €
301-500 0,30 €
500-1000 0,27 €
+1000 0,26 €

Safety Tips for Babies and Toddlers

Although there is no specific legislation in this regard, we do not recommend its use for babies and toddlers. For older children we recommend using the clip for the the back side, as it does not have pins.

European Manufacturing

The manufacture of your buttons is made entirely in the European Union from materials also manufactured in the EU.


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